You are about to fly out of town for a few days on a business trip. You haven’t packed yet. You finished your presentation but you forgot it at the office, so you need to stop by there. You call a cab and they show up 20 minutes earlier than you planned on. You are shoving things in your luggage and run out the door.

You turn after locking the door and see your lawn that hasn’t been mowed in 2 weeks. You put your luggage in the trunk, open the door and pull out your cellphone before slipping into the back seat.

In May of 2015, Google told the Wall Street Journal that in 10 countries including the United States, searches on Google devices outnumber those on desktop computers.

Your customers are just like you. Today, we will discuss three reasons why a mobile website for your company shouldn’t be near the bottom of your priority list but should be a key component of your most valuable marketing asset.

Your customer is mobile

The scenario above may or may not seem extreme to you. I would assume, however, that you have experienced this type of scenario at least once.

Being available where your customer is is critical to your websites success. Today’s consumer demands that what they are looking for be easily available and fast so that they can move on with the other things that they need to worry about.

Easily Accessible Contact Information

If a customer has to go through multiple steps on your website to find your contact information, they will never reach out.

Keeping as few steps as possible between your customer and you is a must for driving those conversions. During a website design project, everyone says that they want the website to be easy to navigate. Usually, they are talking about where the menus are on the page and being able to get to them easily.

Easy to navigate and digest for your customer means something entirely different. They know that they are being brought down a sales funnel. They don’t have a problem with that, otherwise they would have already left your page. They do, however, expect that things will be properly laid out on the way through that funnel so that they are able to make that conversion when they are ready.

Imagine in the scenario above if you are looking for a landscaping service and there is no contact information, just an email opt-in. Is that the person to help you in your emergency situation?

Staying Ahead of Your Competitor

Amazingly, despite threats and warnings from Google as well as impacts to revenues, a substantial number of businesses still do not have mobile websites. Rather than meeting their customers where they are, they are relying on that customer to return to their website on their own.

This gives small businesses the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and compete upmarket by offering what your potential customers are looking for without them needing to do any additional work.

While you are in the back of the cab, you browse through 3 landscaping service provider websites. Two of them are just desktop sites. The 3rd is a mobile responsive site that provides direct contact information that is easily accessible. Which of those companies appear more reputable and reliable?

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