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Website security has been getting increasingly complex in the past 2 years. During that time, the number of sites that are hacked every day has grown enormously. Because of that, the old method of keeping sites secure just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The question is not whether you are going to take care of all of these things, but rather who is going to take care of them. Someone needs to be taking care of them. Because if someone is not, the first virus that finds your website will typically take it out. If you feel confident you can do all of this yourself, that is fantastic. But if you feel that you have better uses for your time than this, we can take the burden away from you.

KSR Designs offers a security and maintenance plan to accommodate the security situation, and it includes additional bonus features that have never been covered before (e.g. hack repair). The new Golden Maintenance Package includes a more advanced security solution as well as backups and software updates.

When you have your software backed up and your site secure and updated, your chances of being hacked and having migraine-inducing issues on your site are slim to none. In other words, you’re GOLDEN!

The Golden Maintenance Package is a comprehensive security, backup, and software update service that will make your website significantly safer and more secure. Your website is your online home, the face of your business, and in many cases, the main revenue stream for your business. It is 100% worth insuring with the best products, just as you would your home, your car, and your health!


  • A full security lockdown on your site
  • Configuration of iThemes Security – the best, most sophisticated WordPress security plugin, which requires highly sophisticated and intricate configuration that we prefer to leave to the experts
  • Daily security scans
  • Daily backups
  • Backup cloud storage
  • Software updates (plugin, theme, WordPress)
  • Hack repair in the rare instance you do get hacked

Note: Prior to the Golden Maintenance Package, maintenance plans ONLY included software updates and basic security scans. It did not include ANY of the other services listed above (i.e. hack repair, which is $250 per repair), and it utilized significantly less advanced security and backup software. The Golden Maintenance Package includes ALL of the other services AND you won’t have to pay for Backup Buddy ($150/year) or Wordfence ($35/year).


One site: $85/month or $935/year (one month free when paid annually)

Two sites: $125/month or $1,375/year (one month free when paid annually)

Note: Very large sites or sites with over 10,000 visitors per month will require a custom coverage quote.


  • No more annual fees for or scary errors messages from WordFence or Backup Buddy. Security and backups will be handled by security and technical pros using expert software.
  • No need to update plugins, WordPress or Thesis. These will be taken care of for you – safely.
  • If you happen to get hacked, hack repair is included in this service. Without this service, you’d pay a minimum of $250/repair.
  • You will have fewer tasks (and problems) that you have to take care of, and you won’t have to clean up your own hacks (or pay [extra] for them to be cleaned up).


  • WordFence Security: $35/year (no support if there are issues with login attempts, viruses, etc.; regular hourly rate of $85 for fixes/investigation, with a minimum of one hour required)
  • Backup Buddy: $80/year if you purchase, install and configure it on your own (no support if there are any issues with backups not working, backup storage, etc., although you can contact the company directly for support; regular hourly rate of $85 for fixes/investigation, with a minimum of one hour required) or $150/year if you use our developer license (includes support if there are any issues with backups not working, backup storage, etc.)
  • Monthly plugin/theme/WordPress updates and ensuring that WordFence and Backup Buddy are running smoothly: $540/year
  • TOTAL with your own Backup Buddy purchase/installation: $655/year
  • TOTAL with use of our Backup Buddy purchase/installation: $725/year
  • Cost to repair hacked sites: $250 per repair
  • Cost to perform one-time security lockdown: $175


You can have more advanced products, configuration, monitoring and repairs by a team of highly skilled, technical experts for much less than if you do everything yourself. If something goes wrong with your site and you need hack repair and/or a lockdown, you will definitely spend more than what you would have spent if you purchased the Golden Maintenance Package.