One of the biggest challenges for business owners is managing the customer acquisition cost and the ability to make recurring sales off of these customers. After creating a product or service that satisfies the holy grail of product market fit, the next step is making sure you acquire new customers at minimum expenditure or even free and keeping existing customers engaged. The right social media management can do both for your local business in North Carolina.

To put a background and perspective on why social media is important for your business, here are key statistics to put to heart:

  • 81% – percentage of buyers who research products and services online before making a decision
  • 18% – percentage of users who make local search and made a buy within 24-hours
  • 77% – percentage of B2C businesses that have acquired a customer via Facebook
  • 8% internet penetration in North Carolina
  • 68% of U.S adults have a smartphone
  • Over 4.5 million Facebook users in North Carolina
  • 65 million monthly users of Twitter in the United States
  • 5 miles – the radius around which the buyers buy from

These statistics go to show the importance of taking all marketing channels seriously, especially social media channels where the cost of acquiring customers is very low and sometimes free. And for a state having 71.8% internet penetration and growing, local businesses have no choice than to be active on social media.

Having established the importance of prioritizing marketing through social media channels, it is imperative to understand the tactics and strategies to maximize their usage.

Strategies To Increase Social Media Engagement

  1. Stick to an identity: There has to be a link between your brand, and all your social media channels. From logos to colors and tone, everything has to align and point towards your brand. People should spontaneously know it’s your brand. This requires in-house coordination to make this happen.
  2. Research, Research, and Research: You cannot just decide to focus on a particular social media channel simply because of gut feeling or because it has the most presence. Rather, let data guide your choices. Tools like Buzzsumo, Ahref Content Explorer and Mention allow you to spy on your competitors and analyze specific keywords that are related to your industry.

You will get insight into which platform they are getting the most shares and key influencers – blogs and social media handles – that can help drive traffic to your profiles.

  1. Use the power of free: Creating a high-value free product can have a massive pull on audiences. SaaS businesses give free trial with the same value as paid subscription for a limited time, blog owners give out free ebooks, confectionaries share coupon codes etc.

These create a viral effect where satisfied users tell others about the product, and share your profiles with friends and family both online and offline.

  1. Post relevant information and sometimes entertaining ones: People follow your profiles because they want relevant information. However, relevant doesn’t equate to boring. Try to sprinkle humor and personality to your messages. Make your followers know it’s not a robot behind the profile.

Ensure the promotional messages you put out are few compared to the relevant and entertaining information you put out. People don’t really like being sold to.

  1. Plan contest and giveaways that drive traffic to your profile: Contests engage followers and users in a different. You tap into their competitiveness to promote your brand and create awareness. For example, you can create a contest around people liking your page, but make sure the reward is worth their time.
  2. Use Visual content: Adding a picture to a tweet can improve the retweets you get by 35%. People are visual, and pictures and infographics can capture the message more than words can. More so, they easily go viral because the message is usually instantaneous.
  3. Be responsive: Social media enables real-time communication. Use this to handle queries and customer requests quickly. Also, join the conversation about your industry, and creatively use trending hashtags that are closely related to your business to create awareness for your brand.
  4. Your best hand should handle your social media channels: This is a no-brainer really. Make sure the person handling your profiles is social media savvy. That is, knows the type of audiences obtained on the different platforms, and can create posts that capture these audiences. If you don’t have any in-house, you can hire someone new or use a freelancer pending when you can hire a social media specialist in-house.
  5. Create a synergy between your blog and social media channels: There’s a need to create a pull between your blog and your social media channels. Share your new blog posts via social media and increase the chances of getting new subscribers to your blog. Also, allow users like your social media profiles through your blog.
  6. Also share your profile every way you can: Getting new followers should not be limited to the social media profiles. You can include your social media profile in your emails, staff complimentary cards, brochures, store walls, letters and all avenues you send messages through.


Always remember that your social media management and strategies should not just result in large follower numbers, but increase sales and make raving fans for your business in North Carolina. It’s about adding value that attracts your target audience before dropping promotional messages.

Why spend so much on other marketing channels when you can leverage on the “free” nature of social media to acquire new customers? Think about it and make use of the listed social media management strategies, and watch your business grow in North Carolina.