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While our expertise is in website design for small businesses and nonprofits, we have also found that we are able to serve those partners in other areas so that they can focus on their business while still continuing to grow.

We’re About Helping Build Better Businesses

Build a strategy that hunts your goals, pursues your objectives, and grows your business to extraordinary places. Let’s work together to develop experiences that brings your ideal client to you over your competitor. We are a team of designers, digital marketing specialists, and strategists who help small businesses tell their story so they can compete and thrive.
Website Design
Our website design service helps small businesses and nonprofits of all sizes build the platform that they need as the cornerstone of their marketing efforts.

Anyone can create a “business card” presence online, but it takes extraordinary understanding to develop an experience that draws visitors to select you over competitors.

Online Digital Marketing

Marketing on the web is much much more than just posting a couple of lines on Facebook every once in a while and hoping that it leads to some type of awareness or revenue growth.

We build campaigns that are action and objective oriented. Whether those actions are creating new donors, new customers or new brand champions, we build content that drives toward those goals and toward your bottom line.

Sales Funnel Development
Understanding that different people will be at different points of the buyers funnel is critical to converting your prospects into new clients or customers. We work with small businesses and nonprofits to develop sales funnels that are designed to meet each of them where they are and drive them closer to a sale or conversion.
Training and Seminars
Many small businesses and nonprofits are run by DIYers who are interested and motivated in knowing what makes the motor run. However, just going out into the internet to learn the different ins-and-outs of the digital marketing work doesn’t necessarily get them anywhere discernible.

KSR Designs offers trainings and seminars in social media marketing, content marketing, website strategy, communications and PR, sales funnel creation and sales operations.

Helping small businesses and nonprofits build websites and digital marketing strategies that activate growth