Whether you know it or not, you are depending on this principle. If you want to be an effective new customer-creating machine, you have to take people through 3 steps of adopting “you.” The better you are at moving more of the right people through these stages, the more successful you and your business will be.

Here’s the three stages you need to walk people through to get and keep those customers:

1st – Know you

The more obvious of the three is probably getting people to know you or hear about your business in the first place. Usually these are done through things like websites, social media, friends, referrals, Groupon, Yelp, Google, or any other form of marketing. Making sure that you put forward the best foot is the best opportunity you have to make sure that your people KNOW you instead of have brushed up against you at one point or another.

2nd –  Like you

In order to start to get buy-in and gain in the areas of retention and referral sales, at this point, the individual has engaged with you and your business’s brand/personality. Your communication with them should be much more personal and on a one-to-one level rather than from a “we are here and you are there”-type of corporate speak. This is your opportunity to really bring these customers into the fold.

3rd – Trust you

These are your brand advocates. Show them the proof as to why you’re a great business for a variety of reasons and they will take the risk of spending their money and their reputation on your business. This is where you have empowered your army to go out on your behalf and start recruiting people into your business.

Developing relationship capital is essentially how people work on a day-to-day basis. You are never willing to go as far for someone that you know versus someone that you truly trust.

When you affiliate yourself with premium ideas, techniques, businesses and partnerships, your customer begins to identify you alongside of those brands. You get to capitalize on the reputation that comes from those businesses.

The other end of this same equation can be compared to cold email marketing, phone calls or even at networking events. You know that you haven’t developed any trust or even “like” out of that person so you know that it is going to take more work to get them to that point.

Everything you say about yourself in the copy and photos on your website, your social media, your podcasts, your stickers, your uniforms need to use this principle.

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